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Wednesday, May 30, 2018 … 8:53 A.M.

My thanks to all who contacted me after my most recent article which detailed Shreveport’s continuing population loss.

Many of you asked for more information about Shreveport’s population and demographics compared to Louisiana and the nation. After looking into a couple of the subjects of interest, I drew together comparisons of U. S. Census “Quick Facts” among those three populations.

The full comparison table with much more data is shown in the link at the bottom of the article.

I apologize in advance that I am not able to research individual interests readers may have. The Census website is www.census.gov.

4-1-2010 / 7-1-2017 Population Change:
Shreveport -4.2%
Louisiana 3.3%
U.S.A. 5.5%

Shreveport 53.1%
Louisiana 51.1%
U.S.A. 50.8%

Persons under 18:
Shreveport 24.8%
Louisiana 23.8%
U.S A. 22.8%

Persons 65 and older:
Shreveport 14.1%
Louisiana 14.4%
U.S.A. 15.2%

Persons foreign born:
Shreveport 2.6%
Louisiana 4.0%
U.S.A. 13.2%

White alone:
Shreveport 39.6%
Louisiana 63.2%
U.S.A. 76.9%

Black / African-American:
Shreveport 56.3%
Louisiana 32.6%
U.S.A. 13.3%

Hispanic or Latino:
Shreveport 2.7%
Louisiana 5.0%
U.S.A. 17.8%

Asian alone:
Shreveport 1.5%
Louisiana 1.8%
U.S.A. 5.0%

Under 65 no health insurance:
Shreveport 17.3%
Louisiana 11.9%
U.S.A. 10.1%

B.A. / B.S. degree, higher:
Shreveport: 25.4%
Louisiana 23.0%
U.S.A. 30.3%

Points most notable to me include these:

… While Shreveport has lost -4.2% of its population since the 2010 Census, Louisiana has gained 3.3%, and the United States 5.5% in that period.

… A notably higher percentage of Shreveport residents under 65 have no health insurance, 17.3% compared to 11.9% in Louisiana and 10.1% nationally.

… In the United States, 17.8% of residents are Hispanic / Latino, more than six-times their incidence in Shreveport, 2.7%. More than three-and-one-half-times as many Hispanic / Latinos live in the United States than in Louisiana, that 17.8% compared to 5.0%.

… The incidence of Black / African-Americans in Louisiana is two-and-one-half times that of the U. S. population, 32.6% compared to 13.3%. Black / African-Americans in Shreveport are more than four-times their incidence in the national population, 59.6% to 13.3%.

… Nationally, Hispanic / Latino residents are 17.8% of the population, and Black / African-American residents are 13.3%.

Again, here is the Census Bureau table:


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